autophagic vacuole

autophagic vacuole

English-Korean animal medical dictionary. 2013.

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  • vacuole — 1. A minute space in any tissue. 2. A clear space in the substance of a cell, sometimes degenerative in character, sometimes surrounding an englobed foreign body and serving as a temporary cell stomach for the digestion of the …   Medical dictionary

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  • Autophagy (cellular) — In cell biology, autophagy, or autophagocytosis, is a catabolic process involving the degradation of a cell s own components through the lysosomal machinery. It is a tightly regulated process that plays a normal part in cell growth, development,… …   Wikipedia

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  • autophagosome — au·to·phago·some (aw″to fagґə sōm) [auto + phagosome] an intracytoplasmic vacuole containing elements of the cell s own cytoplasm, formed by macroautophagy; it fuses with a primary lysosome to form an autolysosome, subjecting its… …   Medical dictionary

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  • amphisome — noun An autophagic vacuole formed by fusion of an autophagosome and an endosome …   Wiktionary

  • cytolysosome — A variety of secondary lysosome that contains the remnants of mitochondria, ribosomes, or other organelles. SYN: autophagic vacuole. * * * cy·to·ly·so·some (si″to liґso sōm) autophagosome …   Medical dictionary

  • Autophagy network — consists of enzymes and substrates involved in the degradation of a cell s own components. Network membersThe Autophagy network members (gene name and aliases) as published in the last 500 newest PubMed entries (see below) are depicted… …   Wikipedia

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